Replacing oil seal on tractor Yanmar AF-series

After some time of using tractor, you will need to make replacements to oil seals. Antei Corporation had prepared the full guide how to replace oil seals on Yanmar AF-series tractors. In this guide, we provided Yanmar AF17 tractor series as an example. Check out the illustrated guide below and follow the steps!


Replacing oil seals on tractor Yanmar AF17 step by step
First, disassemble front gear box.
Detach front bearing case.
Take out the tie rod.
This is front gear case's top.
Take out front gear box from the front gear case.
This is second front axis.
Check oil seal's attaching point at the front gear case.
Detach second front axis from front gear case as shown.
Front gear box after disassembling.
Front gear case, oil seal after disassembling and taking out the bearing.
Front bearing case and front spindle after disassembling.
Attach oil seal and bearing.
Set up front spindle to the front bearing case.
Insert oil seal into the front gear box. Finish.

We hope you could replace oil seals without any problems! Antei Corporation is willing to help you anytime, for any questions please contact us!