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Today we are announcing that all our current staff members had done voluntary vaccination against COVID-19. There is clear evidence that vaccines are both safe and highly effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19. Let's fight pandemics together! 

Team of Antei Corporation. 

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Our head office is currently under repair works. The repair works will be shortly finished, and it will not impact our office hours! Your orders will be completed on time, without any delays. 

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Don't hesitate to get in touch with our email for your inquiries:

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Today, Antei Corporatipn had shipped two tractors and excavators. One tractor is Yanmar tractor without cabin and another is Kubota tractor with the cabin. Also, we shipped used Bobcat excavator! The tractors and excavator was shipped from Toyama port and it will head to Russia. Antei Corporation has partnership around the world! We ship worldwide! Please send us enquiry if you are looking...

Kubota tractors with cabin


We are excited to announce that we are expanding due to our remarkable growth over the last ten years! 
Antei Corporation has been in the Japanese and overseas markets since 2010. In 2019, we had moved to a new head office in Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture, and expanded our working space. This year we had expanded our warehouse facility. Now we can store more...

The cases of COVID-19 had been increasing, by this wednesday it had reached 2,000 cases. It is beginning of the third way in Japan. While the second wave's reasons were clear and officials could investigate and decrease numbers. Now as third wave comes, its harder to find the reason. Most cases had identified in rulral areas, medical institutions and elderly care homes.

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Niigata Prefecture is located in the center of the Honshu Island ( and where Antei Corporation is also located), had received the first emergency alert warning over bears. One woman got attacked by the bear and passed away at the beginning of October. 
Her death happened after 19 years since the last attack of the bears. 

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We would like to apologize for not updating goods and news on the website. 

The reason is beacuse we are waiting for our employee to arrive for almost half year. Due to the COVID-19 the immigration process had slowed down and we really wish that it will go faster as soon as the cross-border measurments are seized up. Our new employee will be in chrage of the  ...

The Japanese government had announced the decrease of the border-cross restrictions. According to the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, the border enforcement measures were implemented to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) since earlier this spring. From the first October 2020, it will be possible to cross the border for the mid- or long-term stay, such as medical and...

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On July 23rd and 24th our company has a day off.

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Today we were shipping these tractors to Russia!  If you are interested to buy or partnership, you can contact us through our email address (