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Kubota Excavator U35-6a
Greetings! There is a new video release on our Youtube channel (@antei_nouki) ! The English subtitles will be shortly added on the video.  Description:Kubota Excavator U35-6a Class: 3.5 ton Year: 2019 Hours: 663 hours Video link: here The mechanic inspection was made, it is in working condition, no...
Greetings!  We uploaded new video on Kobelco Excavator SK20SR-6 on our Youtube channel (@antei_nouki) .  Condition of Kobelco Excavator Sk20SR-6  is used, working condition, 292 hours. It is the latest model of Kobelco 2 ton excavator.  Please check out our latest YouTube video: here.  For  ...
HITACHI excavator EX22.
Greetings! We uploaded a new video with English subtitles on our YouTube channel (@antei_nouki).  Introducing Japanese used excavator for sale. HITACHI excavator EX22. The working condition comes with two buckets and a fork set. For inquiries, contact our International Sales Manager, Aleksandr, by...
Greetings! We had shipped tractors to one of our partners in Georgia!  Thank you for your cooperation! For new inquiries, please contact our sales manager, Aleksandr, by email at   
FOB Yokohama (в йенах) = Разбор и погрузка КМУ в контейнер + Растаможивание в Японии + Доставка контейнера до порта Йокогама + Погрузка на судно в порту Йокогама.

Цена у вас на складе = FOB Yokohama + Фрахт + Таможенные пошлины.

Комиссия за конвертацию валюты и перевод не учитывается.