Replacing oil seal on tractor Kubota L1-series

Below is an illustrated guide to replacing oil seals on Kubota L1 series tractors. To be precise, we used Kubota L1-315 tractor as example for the guide. L1 series tractors are quite popular around the world, so we hope our guide would be useful. Let's get down to business. :)

Replacing oil seals on tractor Kubota L1-315 step by step
Well, we have got an oil leak of front axle.
Disassemble front axle flange.
Detach bevel gear.
Detach bevel gear case.
Now, we can see bevel gear shaft top.
And we detach retaining ring from the bevel gear.
Bevel gear's shaft without retaining ring.
Next, take out retaining ring from the bottom of bevel gear axis.
Pull out bevel gear case from the axle flange.
Bevel gear’s shaft top.
Bevel gear case's bottom.
The reason of leaking was broken oil seal. We detach it.
Attach inner side of new oil seal to the bevel gear.
Oil seal’s outer part.
We detached inner part of the oil seal from the bevel gear.
Detach 40-teeth bevel gear from the axle flange.
40-teeth bevel gear and flange with axle.
Detach split ring which fixes axle with bearing.
Axle without split ring.
Detach the axel from the flange.
Flange without axel.
Take out old oil seal from the axle.
Axle without oil seal.
Take out oil seal from the flange.
Divide new oil seal into axle part and flange part.
Insert new oil seal into flange.
Insert new oil seal into axle.
Attach flange to the axle.
Attach split ring to the axle.
New O-ring for the flange.
Grease the O-ring and insert attach it to the flange.
Attach 40-teeth bevel gear to the axel.
These rings we will put between bevel gear side and flange side.
Place oil seal to the flange side.
Change O-ring at the axle's side.
Be sure to clean bevel gear case's mounting surface.
Mount bevel gear case.
View of the axle flange.
Attach retaining rings to the axle flange bearings. Finish is close.
All is left to do is to assemble axle flange. And finish!