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Do you know what day is today?

You will probably say "Today is  8th April !". It true, but you know that today is japanese holiday which is called as "Hana Matsuri". In...

Hello to everyone!

Today is the first day of Spring Like in last year, Spring came to us with a lot of snow Weather forecaster says that it would be more snowfalls in March. In addition, we have good news for fans of winter sports! Skiing season will last until the end of March! If you are fan of skiing, please welcome to Niigata city 

Dear friends!

Six used japanese tractors Kubota are being prepared for loading into container and being sent to Egypt.
We are would like to express our gratitude to our partner in Egypt for choosing our tractors for African market.

There is a guide update that, we hope, should be quite useful to everybody who use Japanese tractors. It is about some special options that one can The guide is to be updated on the regular, because there is quite a lot of information on different model series that we want to upload (pictures will be uploaded as well). But, first step is already made, so the guide is...

Used farm tractors Iseki and Kubota are in stock and available for order.
There are Kubota ZL-series tractor with automatic plowing horizon control and rotary pump function. 
And Iseki TU-series tractor, which goes with automatic plowing depth and horizon control (rotary up-down is electric basis).
Please, go to links below so as to watch more.

Iseki TU245 -> ...

We added new information and more photos of used japanese tractors Kubota, which have came to our stock.
There are Kubota L-series tractors: simple 2WD L2002 and ZL2601. And Kubota ASTE-series tractor A15 which goes with automatic plowing horizon control.
Please, go to links below so as to watch more.

Kubota L2002 -> click...

There is an update bringing two illustrated guides to replace oil seals on japanese tractors Kubota L-series and Yanmar AF-series. Kubota L1-315 and Yanmar AF17 are used as examples. Registered users are welcome to comment at each guide's page. We will update each article, so, please, keep visiting our homepage! More guides on japanese tractors are being prepared.

Replacing oil seal on...

Used farm tractors Kubota are coming in stock this week. There are popular L-series, A-series, GT and XB-series. We will update online stock as soon as we check all the tractors, but now we have prepared pictures so as everyone could take a first look. Below are the tractors's pictures and some information. Some of them are already in stock!

Dear friends, some used cranes stock update here!

There are 13 truck cranes are ready to work at our yard! New ones are below!


Unic UR-V343 (3 boom sections; standard outriggers; Uni-hook; with radio-controller) -> Specifications and photos


Nansei PC35HF (3 boom sections;...