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Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the hot onsens of Niigata in this breezy weather. 
New additional front...
Hello Everybody! 
Autumn is coming and harvesting needs tractors! 
Please check out our stock section for...

Hello everyone!

Do you like spring same as me? I like spring days so much ! And the warmth really came to Niigata! Flowers are blossoming, Sakura has started blossiming some days ago! 

Each week New tractors are in stock !...

Dear Readers,


Hello everyone! smiley

have news for you, during New Year`s holidays there was no snow and I wanted so much to see snow flakes! From...

Hello everyone! How are you this days?

Today is the shortest day of the year! It means that after this day, the day is going longer and loger! 

Another thing I would like to say that we have new goods in our website! You can...

Hello everyone!

You know that winter is coming? In some parts of our world, winter is already came! Nevertheless, officially winter will come in 23days!  I like winter in Niigata, because the weather is not so cold and there are a lot of snow. Yes, snowfalling is good but who will...

Dear readers,

How was your japanese holidays which are called as Silver Week?wink

You know that new harvest is coming to the market. I...

Hello everyone!cheeky

How are you? Have you got something new?

Hello! How are you, dear reader?