How to choose Japanese Lawnmowers

How to choose Japanese Lawnmowers

Power lawnmowers come in different sizes and options depending on lawn size, operator preference, and costs. The typical function of the power mowers is to evenly cut lawn areas in small farms and yards. On average the mover's blades rotate at 2,000-4,000 times per minute, producing blade-tip speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. 

Selection of Power lawnmowers

The selection of mowers should depend on the size of the lawn, operator experience, price, and preference. The most common types of power mowers are small walk-behind, riding, and commercial-style walk-behind mowers. 



Small walk-behind grass mowers have single blades and relatively narrow cutting widths, up to 55 cm. It can be best used for small residential lots and cutting close areas not obtainable by bigger mowers. 



Riding mowers have multiple blades and provide wider trimming widths, up to 150 cm or wider. They are best fitted for larger lawns where their size and maneuverability can be accommodated. 




 Commerical-style Walk-behind-mowers have multiple blades and offer wider cutting widths. These types of mowers are best suited for larger lawns. Usually, commercial-style- Walk-behind Mowers have the highest blade-tip blade, which provides better trimming performance with less time and effort. Please note, it will need high operator experience to manipulate this machine. 



Basic Safe Operation Instruction

Before starting the power lawn mower, read, understand and follow the manufacturer's operating manual. Make sure you have been fully trained on how to operate the mower. Know the controls and how to stop the machine quickly. 
Choose proper clothing equipment: wear long pants, close-fitting clothes, eye protection glasses, protective gloves, and non-sleep safety toe shoes (no bare, feet, sandals, or sneakers). 

Prepare the area: check the yard before mowing (clean from the stones, bottles, and garbage); keep people and pets away from the area; do not trim wet grass as it is likely to slip and cause a clogged mower. 

Prepare the mower by inspecting it before starting. Make sure that the blade is sharp and secured, and replace things and worn blades if necessary. Adjust the wheel height before turning on the mower.

Add fuel with a turned-off engine. Fill the fuel when the engine is cool, never when it is hot. Do not smoke while refueling! Store gasoline safely out. Restart the engine at least 8m away from the place of refueling to avoid igniting vapors. 

Start the lawn mower outdoors. Always push the mower in a forward direction. Watch for hidden hazards such as holes, roots, drain pipes, ropes, nets, and so on. 

Do not reach under the machine while running. 

Do not leave a running mower unattended. 

Do not touch hot motor parts.

Do not spray cold water on a hot engine. 

Do not start or stop on slopes.

Do not make sudden changes in speed and direction. 

Key takeaway: 

Power lawn mowers make the job completed a lot faster. The right selection of the grass mower should be made on lawn size, experience, and budget. With our expertise in Japanese lawnmowers, we had chosen the best machines according to price and quality. Our company, Antei Corporation, is located in the port city of Niigata in the middle of Japan. We will be glad to assist you if you have any questions referring to Japanese lawnmowers. Please contact us by email, phone number or Instagram @antei_nouki or Twitter @anteico