Excavators list

This is our used excavators online stock. We offer used excavators of Kobelco, Komatsu, Mitsubishi and other Japanese makers. Generally all the excavators are rubber shoe crawlers, but steel shoe crawlers are also available. Excavators go with swing boom, swing arm (depends on each model). Other options available (depends on each model): hydraulic breakers, dozers, roofs, cabins.

Please, click any excavator’s picture or title to see specifications and more photos.

Title Weight Std. bucket capacity Max. digging depth Boom/Arm type Shoe type Safety frame type
Mitsubishi MM35B

3250kg 0.11m3 3130mm Swing boom Rubber Shoe Roof
Komatsu PC30UU

2900kg 0.09m3 2900mm Swing arm Rubber Shoe Cabin