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How to choose Japanese Lawnmowers Power lawnmowers come in different sizes and options depending on lawn size, operator preference, and costs. The typical function of the power mowers is to evenly cut lawn areas in small farms and yards. On average the mover's blades rotate at 2,000-4,000 times per...
Dear customers,  Today we are announcing that all our current staff members had done voluntary vaccination against COVID-19. There is clear evidence that vaccines are both safe and highly effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19. Let's fight pandemics together!  Team of Antei Corporation. 
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Dear customers,    Our head office is currently under repair works. The repair works will be shortly finished, and it will not impact our office hours! Your orders will be completed on time, without any delays.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with our email for...
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Today, Antei Corporatipn had shipped two tractors and excavators. One tractor is Yanmar tractor without cabin and another is Kubota tractor with the cabin. Also, we shipped used Bobcat excavator! The tractors and excavator was shipped from Toyama port and it will head to Russia. Antei Corporation...
FOB Yokohama (в йенах) = Разбор и погрузка КМУ в контейнер + Растаможивание в Японии + Доставка контейнера до порта Йокогама + Погрузка на судно в порту Йокогама.

Цена у вас на складе = FOB Yokohama + Фрахт + Таможенные пошлины.

Комиссия за конвертацию валюты и перевод не учитывается.