About Antei Corporation

Antei Corporation is a Japanese company with its head office in Niigata, the biggest port on the coast of the sea of Japan. We export used Japanese machinery worldwide. If you are interested in purchasing farm tractors, truck-mounted cranes, mini excavators etc you have came to just a right place.


What do we offer our partners:

  • purchase used Japanese machinery: farm tractors, truck-mounted cranes, excavators directly from our stockyard in Japan, with no agents;
  • pre-order Japanese machinery models even if it is our of stock;
  • thanks to our simple and quick online order system www.antei.asia you will never miss your tractor, crane or excavator;
  • each of our units in stock goes through strict inspection, each lot goes with detailed information on its technical specifications and condition;
  • when we created www.antei.asia we didn't want just a "trading website for dealers", we were also aiming to make it useful for you - we are doing our best to provide our visitors with information on machinery, guides on possible defects etc.


"Antei" means "stability" in Japanese and stability is our main principle, which we took as a basis and since company's foundation in 2010 the company for less than three years gained foothold in Japanese domestic market, supplying Japanese farmers with used tractors of close to new quality but for low prices.
Our company is a permanent member of partnership network of 12000 Japanese supplier-companies, and that is why we are always have strong confidence in our stock.

"Antei" also exports used farm tractors and used truck-mounted cranes to Russia and CIS countries. Last year we also entered China and Taiwan markets. We are always opened to new partners and quite loyal to our old ones.


Company name Antei Corporation
Head office 957-0232,Japan, Niigata-ken,Shibata-shi,Manoharasoto 2962-2
Stock yard 957-0232,Japan, Niigata-ken,Shibata-shi,Manoharasoto 2962-2  TEL. 81-25-420-8957 FAX. 81-25-420-8757 Homepage: www.antei.co.jp / www.antei.asia
Established April 22, 2010
Fixed capital 5.000.000 JPY
Bank "Hokuetsu Bank"; "Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ" 
License No. 461070000961
Main field Used farm and construction machines trade
Number of employees 5


April 2010 Established Antei Corporation.
April 2010 Opened head office in Japan, pref. Niigata.
May 2010 Opened main stock yard in Japan, pref. Niigata.
May 2010 Got used farm and construction machinery trading license by Japanese Government.
January 2012 Corporate homepage www.antei.co.jp opened.
November 2012 Main stock yard space increased to double.
December 2012 Workshops space increased to double.
July 2013 Established trade partnership with Taiwan
August 2014 Used machinery trading website www.antei.asia (International) launched.